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      Transcend leverages connectivity, community, and technology to improve the quality of care for patients and the profitability of clinical practice

    • TransLab

      TransLab, a trademarked product of Transcend, Inc., is the company's premier online laboratory prescription application. The dentist can track all laboratory cases, associate lab costs per case, document cases with images, inventory study models and generate reports. TransLab basic service is free to dentists. Contact us for information and assistance to set up.

    • TransLab EDU

      Translab EDU provides institutions the benefits of guided data entry, digital faculty approval, financial authorization, financial and activity reports, case status from inception to delivery and student pickup

    • TransNet

      TransNet, a trademarked product of Transcend, Inc., brings secure, web-enabled information to authorized parties who need to communicate and share

    • Cosmetic Imaging

      Transcend offers dentists an online cosmetic imaging service to communicate, educate and motivate a patient to undertake restorative treatment. Cosmetic Imaging helps patients understand what their final outcome can be. It can define the importance of the smile and introduce them to a range of available treatment choices

  •   Barry Levin DMD, Diplomate, American Board of Periodontology

    Immediate Placement and Immediate Screw Retained Provisional

    Topics of Interest

    View Workflow Possibilities for Zirconia Screw Retained Implant Supported Prosthesis

    Digital Radiography in Dentistry: Making the Transition

    Manage provisional stages of cosmetic treatment

    Liability issues for practitioners

    Establish fees by managing time and valuing service

  • Transcend Services

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    Translab: Prescription

    Transnet: Collaboration

    Transdental: Treatment Simulation

    Workflow technique for high performance ceramics and screw retained implant supported prosthesis



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