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Transcend consulting expertise has played a roll in managing training and education programs, developing teaching modules, designing training centers, and evaluating clinical and lab workflow. Contact us with a request to find out the scope of services Transcend can provide to improve your outcomes and productivity.

Administrator Training 

We will work with you, step-by-step, to learn the all there is about our product as you begin your install and creation process. During the training session you will learn how to communicate with and effectively oversee your developing team through the use of user membership, permissions and privacy setting. You will be in charge of installing, supporting and maintaining your website’s servers and computer systems. Our small group sessions allow for discussion on project management and technical solutions.   

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Developer Training 

Our developer training solely focuses on enhancing your understanding of the OnTrek system. Like the administrator training, training sessions occur are in small groups in order to reinforce development techniques and skills. Developers will learn how to architect and maintain a website through lab demonstrations, lab workshops and small group work.  

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Quick Start Training 

Quick-Start Training sessions are two-day, on-site training sessions, regardless of your location. One of OnTrek’s specialized instructors will visit with your administrative and development teams to run through the basic set-up of the OnTrek solutions system. In addition to training, you will benefit from a more personalized experience based on your website’s needs and, if any, customized architecture or content.

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